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Summer at Beaulieu

Summer has arrived!

At Beaulieu Community Centre, we started the summer off with a couple of charity events.

We put on a Tea for Trussell and received donations for the Chelmsford Foodbank who we are in partnership with. They operate at the centre every Friday afternoon, supporting our local community and offering signposting services too.

We also supported our regular hirer Kim of Zumba with Kimmie in putting on an event to raise money for Altzheimers’ Society. Well done for all your hard work Kim!

Looking forward, on Sunday 20th August we will be hosting the first Chelmsford Eco Fair highlighting a range of businesses who really care about sustainability. If you are one of them, contact us to apply to join as a stallholder at We all cannot ignore the plastic crisis, and are lucky to be in an area with green spaces on our doorsteps. So do come along on the day to learn more and buy some amazing products. We also have a couple of regulars from the Mini Market Beaulieu coming along, so there will be some familiar faces!

As for regular clubs running, we would highly recommend Ever So Arty for kids which runs every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday through term-time. Check them out on their website, or email to book! For adults, we have a range of low-impact classes, as well as more energetic ones such as Jazzercise on Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm (just turn up!).

We are also starting ante-natal sessions soon (see attached poster). As always, you can find the full list of activities on our website, and follow us on socials for regular updates.

Thanks, Ruth CG & the BCT team

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